The little village of Pieve di Marebbe is gracefully arranged on the sunny slopes of Marebbe Valley. Although it is only 4 km distant from San Vigilio, it differs in many ways from the main village. With its 700 inhabitants it is much smaller than San Vigilio and it has preserved its rural traditions up to modern times. The historic village centre with church, noble house, parsonage and school is surrounded by lots of small farms called “masi”, which are true to the original forms of local settlement. La Pli de Mareo, as Pieve di Marebbe is called in Ladin, is the oldest parish of Val Badia and the first domicile of the Marebbe deanship as well as residence of the regents of Marebbe. In La Pli everyday life has preserved its original rhythm and tourism still constitutes an only marginal phenomenon. In spite of this, the largest part of the population works and earns its living with tourism, although this means working out of their home village. Pieve die Marebbe, located on the western range of the Plan de Corones, is thought to be the cradle of Ladin culture. Today it is a real treasure trove for those who look for alternative emotions such as alpine agriculture or typical alpine products, home-made cheese, honey and speck.