All around the inhabited localities there are miles of flat woodland walks and pleasant paths, suitable for families with children and prams, all well marked and signposted. We invite you to take a walk and relax in the middle of the incontamined nature, to feel the light fresh mountain air permeating your body, and to allow the joyful colours of the blooming meadows to enliven and brighten up your senses. Princess Dolasilla and her sister Luianta, the protagonists of the famous Dolomitic legends, will accompany you on the theme trail dedicated to the Realm of Fanes and introduce you to the fascinating world of magic of the Ladin story-telling tradition. And all around you, the mighty peaks surrounding San Vigilio.

More ambitious hikers might venture into the Nature Park Fanes Senes Braies and explore the quiet woods and meadows and the slow-flowing crystal-clear stream of Val de Mareo, the valley leading from San Vigilio di Marebbe to the mountain refuge Pederü. Nobody should miss the unique Roda dles Viles, a walking tour that leads through the traditional farm settlements of Pieve di Marebbe, where life still moves along by the rhythms of a bygone era, and where the ancient architecture of the Dolomitic valley appears in concrete and tangible forms.